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Anchor Bay School District Middle School Boot Camps 2018


Graphic Arts Boot Camp 

                Students will learn the basic design principles; apply their creative ability to create a set of custom memo pads using Apple IMac computers and Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Leadership Academy’s Operation High-Flight Camp

                Move from designing and testing paper airplanes to computer-based flight simulations to launching and recovering your own model rocket. (Class limit is 15)

Auto Boot Camp

                Students will learn entry level vehicle safety inspections along with common roadside assistance; changing of a tire and procedures for jump starting modern vehicles. Students will also learn basic preventive maintenance principals such as checking tire pressure and oil change procedures.

Culinary Boot Camp

                Students will learn how to prepare scratch pizza, using safe kitchen practices and proper food handling techniques. (Class limit is 30)

Broadcast Boot Camp

                Students will produce a video highlighting all the Boot Camps going on that day. They will get a chance to experience the video production process, including; scripting, filming, and editing.

Babysitting Bootcamp

                Students will learn basic babysitting skills and childcare techniques including diaper changing, bottle-feeding, and various other infant care skills using an infant simulator doll. The course will prepare the students for babysitting and they will have the opportunity to explore different ca-reers working with young children. (Class limit is 30)

Construction Trades

            Middle school students will be exposed to beginning carpenter skills. Students will assemble pre-fabricated bird houses. They will cut from pine lumber, learn proper hammering techniques, flush panel assembly and fastening procedures. (Class limit is 15)

 Business Technology

            Students will improve their keyboard mastery skills through interactive games such as Z type, etc. In addition they will explore the Microsoft Imagine Academy through projects that integrate word processing, data spreadsheets and visual technology. The Enhanced Technology skills will help them succeed at the secondary level.

 Medical Detective Class

           Come be a medical sleuth and explore our human body system! The circulatory system will take center stage when students learn how to take and record vital signs with a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. Our final activity will be dissecting a real sheep’s heart to identify the chambers, ventricles, valves and muscles that keep the flow of blood moving!


      Engineering Boot Campers will form Engineering Design Teams and solve hand-on engineering challenges. Participants’ will also use a Computer Aided Design Program to Draw items, and witness 3D printing of Compute Aided Designed Projects.


 Stop the Bleed-Save a Life Bleeding Control Basic Course

                The Bleeding Control Basic Course is designed for individuals who have little or no medical training. The Stop the Bleed effort focuses on teaching the civilian population to provide vital initial response to stop uncontrolled bleeding in emergency situations. Students will learn how to identify uncontrolled bleeding, learn how and when to use a tourniquet, learn how to apply direct pressure, and how to pack a wound.


Anchor Bay High School
6319 County Line Rd.
Ira Township,MI 48023
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