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Donnie Bickham 2019-2020 Spirit Store

2019-2020 Spirit Shirts

Long sleeved spirit shirts may be worn in place of polo style shirt any day of the week.

Students must wear appropriate color based on their grade level.

5th grade- Gray

6th grade- Light Blue

7th grade- Red

8th grade- Navy

Spirit Shirt (Long Sleeved): $20.00

All sweatshirts ordered, regardless of grade, will be NAVY in color to allow the students to wear them for more than one year. These may also be worn any day of the week over spirit shirt or polo style shirt.

Spirit Sweatshirt: $25.00

Decals: $5.00

Donnie Bickham Middle School
7240 Old Mooringsport Rd.
Shreveport,LA 71107
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