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Rotary Club of Hilliard's COVID-19 Hilliard Food Pantry Fundraiser

Do you want to make a difference in this time of crisis?  Are you wondering what you can do?   Let's support the Hilliard Food Pantry!

Click here to watch video!

The Rotary Club of Hilliard wants to help the Hilliard Food Pantry during this challenging time.  They serve 400 families a month and expect that number to double with the increased financial strains on so many Hilliard families.  We reached out to them to find out what we can do.  Their response was...MONEY DONATIONS.  Here is why:


  • BUYING POWER:  When they buy food, they are able to buy from Mid-Ohio at a rate of $5 for 60lb of food! 
  • SELECTION:  Buying food allows them ability to choose selections that meet the needs of families they serve.
  • DECREASE LABOR:  When they choose selections, they require less work to sort food and allows them more time to assemble for their drive up service.  This is important with social distancing.  

Please make a donation to support the Hilliard Food Pantry and make a difference!   

Options for donations:

$25   300lb of food

$50   600lb of food

$100  1,200lb of food

$250  3,000lb of food

$500  6,000lb of food

$1000 12,000lb of food