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Waldon Middle School Virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival

Please read the following details closely, as the process is different with the virtual festival format!


  • All students 6-12th grade may participate as soloists or in ensembles, receiving a Final Determination or comments only


  • The submission fee for each event is $25.
  • Payments can be made by visiting this link through PaySchools Events.
  • Registrations are due by November 24th 2020 Online on this W.
  • No late registrations will be accepted.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable  

Video Requirements

  • On December 1, a Dropbox request for video submissions will be sent to paid registrants.
  • Only one video is to be submitted per event, with a pause between repertoire selections.
  • Video submissions must be in a "live" format without edits.
  • The video should be treated as a performance, with appropriate conduct and attire.
  • While video quality is not part of the final determination, singers are encouraged to follow these guidelines for proper adjudication: place the camera at a reasonable height, distance, and angle to capture the entire singer and the most natural sound quality possible. Use adequate lighting. Avoid people, pets, or personal items visible in the background.
  • Video submissions are due by December 15.
  • Video MUST be titled "Last Name, First Name, School".
  • Students must upload PDF's of their sheet music via the Dropbox request. Music must be titled "Last Name, First Name, Song Title"
  • Participants will receive their adjudicated scores and comments by January 22.


Solo repertoire will be selected by Mrs. Welling. We will be learning the repertoire in choir and rehearsing it. It is your job to memorize both pieces for your video performance.




  • Soloists must perform from memory to receive a final determination.
  • Instrumental accompaniment other than piano is allowed but must not detract from the performance. This includes the use of a backing track.
  • Performance time may not exceed 8 minutes.
  • Choreography is not allowed. However, artful staging and appropriate choral movement that reflect performance practice of the genre is allowed.

Final Determination

l Excellent


ll Good


lll Fair