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Forest Hills Summer School 2021 - Grade 9-10 Algebra I - Credit Recovery

Algebra I (Credit Recovery)

Grade Level: 9, 10

Course Credit: 1.0 credit

Description: Students will focus on the following critical areas:  Developing an understanding of the relationships between quantities and reasoning with equations, comparing and contrasting linear and exponential relationships, using descriptive statistics to describe a data set, creating and manipulating expressions and equations to solve problems, and developing an understanding of quadratic functions and how they can be used to model situations. 

Dates:  Choose one session

                  *    June 7-June 25;  8 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  

                  *    June 28-July 16;  8 a.m.-12:20 p.m. (no school July 5)

Cost:          Residents:  $180          Non-Residents:    $230

Location:   Nagel Middle School, 1500 Nagel Road

Class size is limited.  Please register early as classes fill quickly.
 Sections without adequate enrollment may be cancelled.  No refunds
will be issued unless a class is cancelled.

Nagel Middle School
1500 Nagel Road
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Additional Info/Documentation

2020-2021 FHSD Course Guide