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NAHS- APEX Credit Recovery

Students who have failed a core-course may be eligible for summer credit recovery through APEX online courses. These online courses will be offered on campus during the 2021 summer.  These classes are monitored by a certified teacher who can provide coaching and technical support via email, google meet, or Schoology. All students who register for APEX online credit recovery must attend (defined as on progress) daily until the course is completed. All activities, including tests and quizzes, will be taken at home. 

Courses available for Credit Recovery

Algebra 1 & 2


World History

American History

American Government (.5) and American Economics (.5)

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12



Physical Science

Limited to 50 students per session

Deadline to register: June 11, 2021
Must have previously failed course 
Credit: Repeat 1 Credit
Grade Level: Rising 10, 11, 12
Length: 3 weeks
Dates: June 14-July 2
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Fee: $250
Instructors: New Albany Staff

Fee Waiver Availability

Fees for Credit Recovery
Courses can be waived for all New Albany students who qualify for free and
reduced-price lunches for the 2020-21 school year. Should you have questions
about any other fee waiver options, please contact Deputy Principal, Amy Warren
[email protected]


Summer Academy sessions are of short duration; therefore, daily class attendance is required. Attendance is especially important in high school credit courses. See course description for additional attendance notes. 

Due to the nature of the summer academy course covering an academic year worth of material in three weeks, and the need for the students to be present each day, the summer academy attendance policy described below is strictly followed. 

Students who accumulate two (2) absences will be withdrawn from the summer academy and issued a failing grade. An absence is obtained in the following ways:

  • Being absent from Summer Academy for any reason.

    • There is no distinction made in summer academy between “excused” and “unexcused” absences.  

  • Leaving Summer Academy early for any length of time or reason.

  • Arriving late to Summer Academy after. 8:45 a.m.

  • The accumulation of two (2) tardies is equivalent to one (1) absence.

    • A tardy is assigned when a student arrives after 8:30 a.m. but before 8:45 a.m.

Any combination totaling two (2) absences from the above list will result in the student being withdrawn from the course.  The student will receive a failing grade and will not be eligible for a refund of summer school fees.  

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