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Local Level

Bartlett Student Device Insurance Payments 2021-2022


Bartlett City School’s

1:1 Program


Bartlett City Schools is committed to providing innovative ways for students to learn and is working hard to improve the quality and access to technology tools and resources. Essential to this effort is not just a device but a partnership between the District Teaching & Learning Department and the school leadership team that includes a willingness of the teachers to rethink the way they teach.

Students will develop 21st century skills through the use of a device, be provided content-focused curriculum, and use collaborative technology tools. The lessons learned and the insights gained through this pilot effort will provide an effective and feasible blueprint for future implementations throughout the District.

The policies, procedures and information within this document apply to all student laptops used in Bartlett City Schools, including any other devices considered by the District office to come under this policy. Teachers may set additional requirements for use in their classroom.



Single Student- $30.00

Student w/ 1 Sibling- $50

Student w/ 2 or more Siblings- $75

Bartlett City Schools
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Bartlett,TN 38134
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