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Ellendale Elementary- Spike Hike Fundraiser 2021

Dear Parents and Students,


We are excited to announce our seventh annual Spike’s Hike! It has been a huge success over the past 6 years, and we hope that this year it will be our best one yet!


Our goal is for the students to have an active and fun time while raising money to purchase flexible seating for our classrooms. A portion of funds donated will go to support Go Jim Go and LeBonheur. Our goal for this year is $20,000 for our school.


Spike’s Hike fundraising will begin Monday, September 20th. The hike will be October 8thth


We are offering online donations this year! Please click the following link:


You can also send a check made payable to Ellendale Elementary School. Donations can be made until Friday, October 8th.

How HIGH can YOU climb?


Mountain peaks will be displayed outside the cafeteria. Classrooms will receive a prize for each peak they reach.


Mt. LeConte


Freeze Pop

Mt. Hood


Crazy Hat/Hair

Mt. Adams


Glow Stick (party)- wear all day

Mt. Rainier



Mt. McKinley


Movie and Ring Pop

Mt. Aconcagua


Pancakes and PJ's

Mt. Everest


pizza Party

Ellendale Elementary School
6950 Dawnhill Rd.
Bartlett,TN 38135
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