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AMS AdVenture at the Camp

Sixth graders have the opportunity to participate in an incentive, academic field trip called AdVenture at the Camp - partial two days and an evening at Camp Nuhop. This spring extravaganza provides eligible students the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors near Mohican State Park. Although AMS staff will be accompanying the students on the overnight field trip, Camp Nuhop staff will be teaching and supervising students in the various programs. The camp's curriculum aligns with ODE standards with the students engaging in various outdoor education activities and experiences.

For students to attend AdVenture, parents are encouraged to attend a scheduled, evening informational meeting at school. The meeting will cover items, such as (but not limited to): packing list; luggage drop-off at school and check; supervision by school and camp staff; medications and medical services; departure to and arrival at camp; daily camp routine and activities; meals and issues with allergies; cabins and sleeping arrangements; sign-up process / parental consent; and student conduct and expectations. 

Students choosing to participate in the trip will be divided into two teams: GOLD Team and PURPLE Team. 

Gold Team (last name A-K): Monday, May 23 - Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Purple Team (last name L-Z): Wednesday, May 25 - Friday, May 27, 2022


Camp Nuhop
1077 Township Rd 2916
Perrysville,OH 44864
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