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Hilliard Davidson Physics Day Cedar Point Trip 2022

On May 16, 2022 physics students participating in the trip to Cedar Point will leave Hilliard Davidson High School at 7:00 AM via Hilliard school buses and return that night at approximately 9:00 PM.  The cost of the trip will be $57.00.  This fee covers the cost of the student’s admission into the park plus the cost of the school bus.  Students will need to pack a lunch or bring money to purchase food in the park.  This agreement, when signed, informs those concerned that the following stipulations are understood and agreed upon prior to departure.


1.  Completion of the physics exercises prior to departure is necessary. (Students are not required to go on the rides in order to receive full credit.)

2.  Each student is responsible for being on time according to the day’s schedule.

3.  No student is to engage in any activity that might endanger individual safety or cause property damage.

4.  No alcoholic beverages will be brought on the buses or consumed on the trip.

5.  No drugs (except those prescribed by a doctor) will be permitted on the trip.

6.  Any violation of school district policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action.


This agreement is meant to alleviate any misunderstanding that this trip in not a serious educational activity.  Physics Day is an opportunity for students to experience physics principles in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

Cedar Point
1 Cedar Point Dr.
Sandusky,OH 44870
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May 16