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Anchor Bay School District Facility Request Form- 2022-2023

The Anchor Bay School District maintains a policy of allowing reasonable use of its buildings and grounds by properly organized and responsible groups.  Such use of any district facility shall not interfere with the daily school student routine or any school sponsored activity.

All facility and field use requires an approved district permit.  Facility and Field permits may now be completed online.   The permit application is free, however facility and field use will be charged according to the district policy. 

Upon receipt of the application, the permit will be reviewed by the school district.   If approved, any applicable fees will be assigned to the permit.  The permit will then be returned to the applicant for acceptance of fees.  The applicant must then return the permit to the Maintenance Department acknowledging acceptance of fees.  Failure to return the permit and accept assigned fees will result in a cancellation of the requested permit.

Please contact the Maintenance Department at 586-716-3622 with any questions regarding facility and field use.  

We thank you for your interest in the Anchor Bay School District facilities and appreciate your support.

This is only an application. We will be in contact following approval for billing.

Anchor Bay School District
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