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2017 Big Walnut High School and Middle School Athletic Events Season Passes

Season passes are good at all Big Walnut High School and Middle School Regular Season HOME Sporting Events for football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse and track
No charge at Big Walnut High School and Middle School for cross country, tennis, baseball or softball
Season Passes are Non-transferrable

These athletic season passes are not accepted at OHSAA, Central District, Ohio Capital Conference, Regional or State Events even if the event is hosted at the Big Walnut High or Middle Schools.

Family passes are for immediate family members.

The 2017-2018 Big Walnut athletic season pass prices will stay the same from increase.

Passes will be available for pick up in the Big Walnut High School  Athletic Office after the Thanksgiving Holiday 11.28.17.

High School Ticket Prices @ Gate - increase from OCC
Adults now $7.00 was $6.00
Students now $5.00 was $4.00
Senior Citizens now $5.00 was $4.00
Middle School Ticket Prices @ Gate - no increase from OCC
Adults $4.00
Students $2.00
Senior Citizens $2.00

Big Walnut Senior Citizens can obtain a Free pass available on the link. Current senior citizens passes that are blue are still good the pass does not expire.

Two Year Full Pass good for 8.1.2017 to 5.31.2019
Family Pass $400.00 

One Full Year Pass good for 8.1.2017 to 5.31.2018
Family - $230.00
 Adult  - $70.00 
Student - $45.00

2017 Fall Season Only Pass good for 8.1.2017 to 11.15.2017
Family - $100.00
Adult - $30.00
Student - $20.00

2017-2018 Winter Season Only Pass good for 11.15.2017 to 2.28.2018
Family - $100.00
Adult - $30.00
Student - $20.00

2018 Spring Season Only Pass good for 3.1.2018 to 5.31.2018
Family - $50.00
Adult - $30.00
Student - $20.00

Senior Citizens Pass 
Age 60+ with valid ID - DOES NOT EXPIRE --  FREE

If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Department at 
(740) 965-7778 or

Please bring your receipt to the Athletic Office to pick up your pass(es).

A picture ID may be requested with the pass for admission.

Inappropriate behavior may result in the pass being revoked.

Refunds will not be offered.

Athletic passes must be presented for entrance into athletic events.  Printed receipt will not be accepted for admittance.

Replacement cards will be provided for a fee if lost or stolen. 

Please remember that all BWLSD property, including the stadium, is tobacco free.

555 South Old 3C Highway
Sunbury,OH 43074
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