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Caddo Magnet High School - Chemistry / Physics Lab Upgrade 2022-2023

Caddo Magnet Supporters,

Caddo Magnet High School has always been at the forefront of explorations in STEM with students excelling in their classes, hypothesizing about research questions, conducting experiments, carrying their knowledge to the SMART program and labs in Shreveport and even taking their ideas to the International Science and Engineering Fair. This generation of students requires hands-on experiences to truly cement their learning. While Magnet science students perform and compete at the highest levels, they have done so despite having outdated and, in some cases, barely functional lab spaces and tools.

We are, therefore, overjoyed to announce the renovation of our science lab! This project will cost over a little over a half million dollars and will include entirely new lab tables, connections, vent hoods, floors, cabinetry, and safety centers. Caddo Parish Schools has already committed to renovating the lab space and construction is underway. The staff and students of Caddo Magnet High School are requesting your assistance with additional funding that will allow us to fill that space with state of the art equipment. Our fundraising goal for this project is $75,000.

Caddo Magnet High
1601 Viking Dr.
Shreveport,LA 71101
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