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Rocky River High School Student Parking 2022-2023

Rocky River High School Student Parking Tags

RRHS will be using Local Level Events to purchase student-parking tags online.

Students wishing to purchase a parking tag must have their school fees paid in full and a valid driver’s license.   The price of the parking tag is $30.00 and will be available for purchase starting August 1, 2022.   

A temporary driver’s license will not be accepted and tags may not be held for future purchase.

Purchased tags will be delivered to the student's 2nd period classroom on the first day of school or can be picked up in the main office after August 24th. Parking Tags will only be released if all school fees have been paid.

To purchase online you will need the student’s driver's license number/expiration date and all car information which will be filled out on the Local Level Events site.  Once purchased, you will receive a receipt that will show payment received and a parking tag number.

If a parking tag is lost a replacement tag must be purchased for the cost of the  $10.00.

If you have any questions please contact Shannon Omahen (omahen.shannon@rrcs.org).

Student Driving and Parking

The Board of Education assumes no responsibility for vehicles parked on school property. It may NOT provide parking lot security. Parking is at your own risk.

In order to purchase a parking permit, students must have a valid driver’s license and all school fees paid in full. 

Violators of the following rules and regulations may have parking privileges revoked and/or school discipline. Repeated violations will result in the students car being towed at the student’s expense.

  • Students are to park in the designated student parking spaces and are not to park in the faculty, visitor or Educational Foundation student parking spaces.

  • Students must obey the traffic laws of the State of Ohio and will comply with the rules and regulations set forth by municipal and school officials.  A speed limit of 5 MPH is to observed on school property.

  • Parking tags must be in view to be valid (hung on the rear view mirror or in back window passenger side).  Parking permits will cost $25.00 each.  Lost parking tags will be subject to a $10.00 replacement fee.

Parking on school premises is considered a privilege and is not a right.  Cars and school parking lots may be searched upon reasonable suspicion of unauthorized behavior and/or illegal contraband.

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