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Local Level

2022-2023 New London High School Parking Permits

Parking Permit Cost- $15.00

2022-2023 Driving/Parking Regulations

1.       Student must have a registration card filed with office.

       Student Drivers will be included in the random drug testing protocols for New London Local Schools.

      Student must park in assigned parking space. If space is occupied by another person’s car, student should park at the end of row and report the unauthorized parked vehicle to office.

3.       No car is to be entered or moved during the school day.

4.       Student is aware that if he/she violates driving/parking regulations that he/she may lose the privilege of driving/parking on school property.

5.       Violations included but not limited to:

1.       Parked in wrong spot

2.       Vehicle not registered

3.       Parking permit not displayed

4.       Leaving parking lot before buses

5.       Illegal passing

6.       Not stopping at stop signs

7.       Excessive speed or careless driving

8.       Horseplay

9.       No student shall ride in the bed of another student’s truck on school property

10.   Other situations that may be determined to be dangerous to student’s well-being and safety.

6.       Progressive discipline plan: (Recommended course of action but if incident is deemed extremely unusual or dangerous, the principal reserves the right to skip proscribed steps.)

a.       1st offense: Written Warning

b.       2nd offense: Two (2) week suspension of driving/parking privileges.

c.       3rd offense: Driving/parking privileges revoked for remainder of semester and/or school year.

New London High School
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New London,OH 44851
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