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Virtual Moon Mission at Challenger Learning Center

Destination Moon Virtual Mission - delivered in real time, online by Challenger Learning Center Flight Directors.

  • Designed for grades 7-8 and aligned to national education standards
  • 1-hour experience delivered from start to finish by a Flight Director
  • Perfect for remote, hybrid, and socially distant classrooms
  • Features small group and whole class activities
  • Students need a device with audio and video capability and an internet connection
  • No handouts or supplies needed

The Mission: A team of researchers is ready to return to the Moon to explore its surface and establish a second habitat for astronauts to live and work! To get there, they’ll launch and fly Blue Origin’s reusable launch vehicle, New Glenn, and explore the Moon’s surface using Blue Origin's lunar lander, Blue Moon.

* Cost: $200 

* Ideal for groups no larger than 28 students 

*Please call 419-725-5926 or email to schedule your mission today! 

Registration for virtual missions is completed separately.

Confirmation of payment DOES NOT include registration.

Please call 419-725-5926 or email to schedule your mission.

Challenger Learning Center of Lake Erie West
4955 Seaman Road
Oregon,OH 43616
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Virtual Moon Mission Flyer