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Captain Shreve High School Chomp and Swamp 2022

Chomp & Swamp is a Freshman Homecoming Tradition!

$55.00 will cover the cost of dinner at Pierremont Oaks Tennis Center and a chartered bus to the dance.

*Note: Homecoming dance ticket should be purchase separately.

No Refunds.

There will be chaperones on the bus at all times.


  • 5:00 Pictures @ Provenance Bridge, Bridewater Ave By Cobo Mexican Restaurant.
  • 5:20 First bus leaves for Pierremont Oaks Tennis Center.
  • 5:50 Second bus leaves for Pierremont Oaks Tennis Center
  • 6:30 Dinner
  • 7:40 First bus leaves for the dance at Captain Shreve
  • 8:00 Second bus leaves for the dance

No Refunds

*In case of rain, meet @ Pierremont Oaks Tennis Center at 6:00 PM

If your child has a date from another school, they must get approval from Mr. Sepulvado by October 17th. If their name is not turned in on time, the date will not be allowed to the dance. A reminder of this will be announced every day before the deadline so ask your student or call for the deadline.

Questions: Text or Call Heidi Hurst - 318-773-9642

Jodi Hutto - 318-393-5484

Please see the bookkeeper to verify that all fees have been paid to receive as access code.

6115 East Kings Highway
Shreveport,LA 71105
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Oct 18
Oct 22