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Northwest Local School District - Portrait of a Graduate Learning Expeditions

Join us in offering our students learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom!

When students engage in hands-on learning experiences they are better able to transfer what is learned in the classroom and apply it to experiences beyond the school walls. Deeper learning encourages students to think critically, communicate, collaborate, display empathy, be adaptable, show integrity, and maintain a learners mindset.

As teachers and students explore new learning opportunities the need for additional resources, including books, building and presentation materials, entry fees and transportation costs arise. 

Students are able to directly connect the lessons that they are learning in the classroom to the experiences they are able to see, touch and explore in the real world in order to gain a well-rounded understanding of the world around them. These experiences allow students to excel academically and also enrich their personal life experiences in ways that transform our students and prepare them for their tomorrows. 

Your contribution will support materials and experiences that will help our students deepen their learning. They will be able to connect classroom content to our communities and beyond by exploring questions like these:

  • What's the relationship between the environment and the animals that live within it?

    • Some places that we’d like to be able to to take our students to explore this question:

      • Cincinnati Zoo, Gorman Farms, Newport Aquarium, Cool Critters, Hamilton County Parks

    • Some books that we’d like our students to be able to read to deepen their learning include:

      • “Different? Same!”, “How Are They The Same?”, “Who Has These Feet?”, “The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest”, “Ocean Animal Adaptations”, “Polar Animal Adaptations”, “Desert Animal Adaptations”,  and “Rainforest Animal Adaptations”

  • How does a budget help people plan and make personal economic decisions for the present and future and to become more financially responsible?

    • Some places we’d like our students to be able to further their learning include:

      • Findlay Market, Credit Unions

  • How can creativity and geometry be applied to engineering?

    • Some materials we’d like our students to have access to in order to explore this question include:

      • Lumber, Turf, Golf Balls & Putters, Corner Brackets, Measuring Tapes

  • Utilizing your knowledge of Newton's first law, how can you improve the design of a helmet, seatbelt, parachute, or other safety mechanism?

    • Some places that we’d like to be able to to take our students to explore this question:

      • I-Fly Cincinnati, Police Station, Automobile or Bicycle Manufacturing Plants

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