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Hilliard Davidson Broadway Series Presents: "Cabaret"

·       Students will need a permission slip submitted by their parents for each show they wish to attend.  The link for the permission slip is: will need to fill out this form after you have paid for your student’s ticket.  Every student that attends any of the shows in our series MUST have a permission slip on file for the appropriate show BEFORE the day of the performance.


·       Both students and faculty can buy tickets, but student’s parents CANNOT buy tickets.  If they are purchasing tickets, they will forfeit their students’ access to our discounted tickets in the future AND will not be given a refund.


·       All tickets will be distributed prior to the show.  Once the tickets have been delivered, the ticket holder is responsible for them.


·       Location of seats is based upon the total number of tickets sold.  The seats will be in the section(s) indicated, but the exact location is not known until the tickets are delivered.


·       All students are responsible for their own transportation to and from all performances.  All students should be promptly dropped off and picked up at the appropriate times or they will forfeit their ability to participate in our Broadway Series.  If a student does not meet the club advisor at the specified meeting time prior to the show, their ticket will not be refunded.

Last Day to Buy Tickets: February 2, 2017 2:30 pm

Ohio Theatre
39 East State Street
Columbus,OH 43215
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Mar 30