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Fairfield Union Class of 2023 (senior) Fundraiser

Silverbridge Coffee Co. Fundraiser

Each item is $12

Each coffee has three options:

Whole Bean 12 oz.

Ground 12 oz.

Single Serve 12 Pack

Canister (Hot Chocolate Only)


Buckeye Breakfast Buzz

This medium roast is a blend of South American coffees & our most popular morning blend.

(614) Blend

A blend of coffee from 3 different regions celebrates the rich cultural blend of Columbus, OH.

Silver Bridge Blend

Our Signature blend is a bold, balanced blend of Light Ethiopian & Dark Sumatra beans.


One of our most popular single-origin coffees, this dark, full-body coffee tastes satisfyingly rich.

Decaf Colombian

This decaffeinated coffee from Colombia has a natural sweetness & you won’t miss the caffeine.



Jamaican Me Crazy

A blend of caramel, hazelnut and Kahlua.

Snow Angel

A blend of caramel, hazelnut, coconut & sweet vanilla. (MRS. CUPP'S FAVORITE!)

Southern Pecan

The taste of pecans added to our delicious fresh roasted coffee.

Highlander Grogg

Butterscotch & Scottish rum flavors.

Lake Champlain Hot Cocoa

Gourmet chocolate in a warm cup!