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Worthington Schools AP Exam Registration 2017

Students will have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement examinations during the month of May. The advantages of taking these exams as well as the format and content of the exams are described in the 2016-2017 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents (available in the student's Guidance Office) and will be discussed in the AP classes.  The on-line registration process will begin on January 20 and the deadline to register will be March 22.

This on-line registration will walk you smoothly through each step of registering your student for their AP exams.  All major credit cards are accepted.

The fee for each examination is $100.00. Your child may qualify for a free or reduced exam if they currently qualify under the federal lunch program.  A screen at the end will ask for a waiver and apply any applicable discounts if desired.  Please contact the Gifted Services Department at 450-6056 if you have questions concerning your eligibility or would like information to complete the process. 

Payments may also be made in person at the Worthington Education Center, 200 E. Wilson Bridge Road. If you wish to register in person, please contact Denise Pontious, Gifted Services Secretary at (614)450-6056 to make an appointment. Checks or money orders for registration will only be accepted if registration is completed in person and must be made payable to the Worthington Board of Education. Payments mailed will NOT be accepted.

Students are required to take exams at specifically scheduled nation-wide times. (See Bulletin, back cover.) Early testing is not permitted under any circumstances. Under special approved circumstances, defined by the College Board below, an exam may be administered at a later date using an alternative form of the exam. 

No Additional Fee Incurred 

Conflict with state-mandated tests

Conflict with IB exams

Disabilities accommodation issue

Emergency: bomb scare or fire alarm

Emergency: serious injury, illness, or family tragedy

Religious holiday/observance

School closing: election, national holiday, natural disaster

Strike/labor conflicts

Three or more AP exams on same date

Two AP exams on same date and time

Additional $55 per exam fee Incurred

Academic contests/events

Athletic contests/events

Conflict with non-AP exams and non-IB exam

Family commitment

Ordering error

Other school event

School closing (local decision, non-emergency)

The school district is assessed an additional fee of $55 per alternative form by the College Board under the circumstances listed above. This $55 fee must be paid by the student in addition to a $65 fee to cover the cost of the monitor.

Please contact the guidance department at your child's school about the process to request special accommodations if your child's disability impacts his/her participation in standardized testing.  The College Board Services for Students with Disabiities approve the requests NOT Worthington Schools.  If your student has been approved by the College Board for testing with accommodations, please attach a copy of the College Board letter you received listing the accommodations granted. Also check mark the box on the registration form asking for Accommodations.

Exam registrations must be completed on-line by Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

Students who decide not to take the examination will receive a refund of the examination fee minus $25, which will cover the fee that the College Board assesses school districts for unused exams and administrative costs. Refunds will be sent to students by JuLy 1st.


Students will receive further information regarding specific exam times, room locations and schedules at a later date. 

Parents or students having questions about the exams should contact their Advanced Placement teachers.

Students may pick up registration information from their AP teacher, Guidance Office, or on the Worthington Schools web page (click on Departments then Gifted).

Register by March 22nd!

Your child may qualify for a reduced or free exam if they currently qualify under the federal lunch program.  The next screen will apply that discount if applicable.

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