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Lake Local - Student Headphones

Parents,  Are you tired of constantly replacing your child's headphones? Do you want a solution that offers both durability and incredible sound quality? Look no further! Introducing Avid Headphones, which we now have for a limited time at Lake!

Check out this video to see what Mr. Pullen and Mrs. Dills think of the headphones!


Avid Headphones are engineered using the latest audio technology, delivering crystal-clear sound. With their adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups, they provide the perfect fit for children of all ages. We suggest these for our K-6th grade students.

These headphones come with an exclusive Fishbone plug. The Fishbone plug is a game-changer! It's designed to protect the headphone jack from damage as well as protect the headphones from breaking at the plug. Its unique fishbone-like shape adds flexibility and strength, ensuring a secure connection every time.

With Avid Headphones and the innovative Fishbone plug, you can have peace of mind knowing your child's headphones are built to last.

Click the orange Register button and purchase a pair of Avid Headphones and the fishbone plug for your child through the Local Level site, where we are selling them at our cost.  We will get them labeled and delivered to your child’s teacher for Meet the Teacher Night!

Order by Monday, August 5 to receive them at Meet the Teacher Night.

Send questions to: dillsmelissa@lakelocal.org

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