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Anchor Bay High School Student Parking 2024-2025

All students who drive to school must have a current parking pass.  This pass must be displayed in the front window of the vehicle at all times while on campus.  Only students with a current driver’s license, not a  temporary permit, may purchase a pass. 

Students will need to pay for passes using Local Level. Passes will be issued at school in the Student Activities office (located in the Library) after the following are presented:  signed driving/parking contract, driver's license, current vehicle registration and current proof of insurance.

Parking Passes for the 2024-2025 school year are $40.00 and cost $20.00 if you are authorized for free or reduced lunch. Prices will reduce each quarter of the school year.

SENIORS interested in painting a parking space for the 2024-2025 school year can pay online and submit applications and designs to kristinanderson@abs.misd.net or the ABHS Main Office.

Anchor Bay High School
6319 County Line Rd.
Fair Haven,MI 48023
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