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Local Level

2023 - 2024 ESC of Lake Erie West - Pre School Tuition

Activity Fees

An activity fee of $25 is collected from children during the first week of school. Please send in this fee as soon as possible.


The ESC of Lake Erie West offers a high quality Early Childhood Program for children with special needs, at risk children, and typically developing children. In order to provide the opportunity for typically developing children to have this experience, tuition-based slots have been created.

Tuition is based on a yearly rate following your public school district calendar. There will be no refund for illness or family elected vacation. Yearly tuition will be adjusted for children enrolled after the beginning of school.

In order to lessen the yearly burden of tuition, you may pay tuition in nine equal monthly installments. Tuition is payable one month in advance and is due by the fifteenth of the month (e.g.; September tuition is due August 15, October tuition is due September 15, etc.). Tuition checks should be mailed to ESC of Lake Erie West, Attn: Early Childhood Tuition, 2275 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo, OH 43620.

If tuition has not been received by the due date indicated on the statement, a $15 late fee will be charged. If tuition is two months overdue, the child will be suspended from the program.

A sliding tuition scale may be available.
If you have any questions about your financial account, please contact Cindy Hammye at 419.246.3113.

Payment Options

Local Level Events is the website application that allows parents to pay Early Childhood tuition and annual class fees by credit card or debit card over the internet You may use your credit and/or debit card for the transaction. We cannot take credit card payments at the class location; this is only available over the Internet.

Parents will need an email account and will need to know their Early Childhood teacher’s name. This is an easy way to pay fees and make sure your student’s tuition or class fees are paid. We accept Visa, MasterCard.

No personal information about your account is available online. The Early Childhood Program does not keep your credit card information on file and you will need to re- enter your credit card number each time you use the online system. There is a processing fee for all online credit card transactions. 

Questions may be directed to Cindy Hammye at chammye@esclakeeriewest.org. Payments made online will be credited by the end of the next business day.

Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West
2275 Collingwood Blvd
Toledo,OH 43620
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