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Colerain Middle School Orchestra Department Fund Drive - 2023-2024

Two things that can change the world

are music and generosity.

The power of music can change the world and together with your support, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many young musicians. Our fundraiser will grant opportunities, and experiences, and allow for the purchasing of necessary equipment not otherwise financially attainable.

We hope to raise enough funds to accomplish the following:

  • Pay student fees for Music in the Parks, ensuring every student can attend.
  • Purchase new mouthpieces, percussion equipment, and other supplies
  • Upgrade outdated or unrepairable instruments.
  • Purchase stage microphones & recording equipment
  • Attend a professional symphony concert

The donations collected will be used to support such endeavors for all students involved in the ensemble.

Help us hit the right note, with your support.

Colerain Middle School
4700 Poole Rd.
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May 01