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Forest Hills Summer School 2024 - Grades 9-11 Geometry - Credit Recovery

Geometry I (Credit Recovery)

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11

Course Credit: 0.5 credit

Description: Geometry includes analysis of plane, solid, and coordinate geometry as they relate to both abstract mathematical concepts as well as real-world problem situations.  Topics include logic and proof, parallel lines and polygons, perimeter and area analysis, volume and surface area analysis, similarity and congruence, trigonometry, circles and analytic geometry. Additionally, students will study concepts in set theory and probability.  Emphasis will be placed on developing critical thinking skills as they relate to logical reasoning and argument.

 Dates:  Choose one session

*    June 3-June 21, 2024;  8 a.m.-12:20 p.m.  (no school June 19)

*    June 24-July 12, 2024;  8 a.m.-12:40 p.m.  (no school July 4-5)

Cost:          Residents:  $200**          Non-Residents:    $250**

Location:   Turpin High School, 2650 Bartels Road

**Convenience Fee Notice:  This method of paying online is provided to you for your convenience. If you proceed to check out, you will be charged a convenience fee. The fee is based upon the amount of the transaction. This fee is added to the total charge of the transaction.

Class size is limited. Please register early as classes fill quickly. Sections without adequate enrollment may be cancelled. No refunds will be issued unless a class is cancelled by Forest Hills School District.
Turpin High School
2650 Bartels Road
Cincinnati,OH 45244
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