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Harrison High School 2024 Senior Video and Yearbook Baby Picture Ad Order Form

Harrison High School 2024 Senior Video and Yearbook Baby Picture Ad Order Form

TO: WHHHS seniors and their parents/guardians

FROM: The Yearbook and TV Production Classes

RE: Yearbook and TV Production mailing

All 2024 seniors should have received a mailing from WHHHS regarding Senior Baby Ads (yearbook) and Senior Video baby/toddler pictures (TV Production).

The TV Production staff is requesting a baby/toddler picture from all seniors for use in the Senior Video.

Additionally, the Yearbook staff is offering Senior/Baby Picture Ads. This ad, which costs $45, contains a baby/toddler picture, a current candid picture, and a 50-word (max) message. If you plan to purchase an ad, you may use the same picture that you submitted for the senior video.

Click the "CLICK HERE" button to the right to upload your pictures and/or order a Senior/Baby Picture Ad in the Yearbook.

Pictures must be high quality.  They must be native digital images, in focus, a minimum of 1MB in size or a high resolution scan using a photo scanner.  Taking a picture of a picture will not suffice!  Images which do not meet these specifications will not be used.

Also available: "Class of 2024 Video Package," which is a double-DVD set of the Senior Video and the Commencement Ceremony.

FROM EVERY SENIOR, WE NEED a Baby / Toddler Picture for Senior Video and a Senior Portrait for Senior Video (if one isn't included on the next page, we will use your Executive portrait)  There is no charge to upload baby/toddler add for senior video.


$45.00 for Baby / Toddler Ad

Orders and payment (if applicable) are due by Friday, March 15, 2024.

Click Here to Order Graduation Ceremony/Senior Video on a double DVD set or flash drive; or click the link on the high school website.

For Yearbook questions contact jane.hinterlong@southwestschools.org

For Senior Video or picture submission for Yearbook and Senior Video contact mike.morris@southwestschools.org

For questions related to the Yearbook, please contact jane.hinterlong@southwestschools.org

For questions related to the Senior Video or picture submission for both the Yearbook and Senior Video, please contact Mr. Morris at mike.morris@southwestschools.org