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Every Child A Super Reader

“All children deserve to fall in love with the power of the written word to transport them to new worlds and teach them new ideas, and to experience what writer Pat Mora has called bookjoy.  Yet too many children miss out on that opportunity.  In fact, far too many children cannot read at all.  The majority of all children in the United States and nearly three-quarters of our Black and Latino children can’t read at grade level.”

Join us for two Saturday workshops to learn from literacy experts, Pam Allyn and Dr. Ernest Morell authors of Every Child A Super Reader. Their book shows how developing every child’s confidence, courage, and hope is vital for learning; showcases the transformational power of literacy in a child’s life; describes how to create the kinds of safe and supportive learning environments that exclude no child; promotes equity, opportunity, and the chance for every child to be heard; and, embraces multicultural children’s literature.

Opportunity for credit through individual school districts:
The Literacy Connection is not offering Ashland University study group credit this year. We are supporting the current trend of credits earned for professional development within districts.

We will provide general information for districts that are interested in offering college credit for staff members who attend the two full day sessions with the literacy experts, as well as meet course expectations to complete the number of contact hours required by the college or university providing class credit for your staff development opportunities.  Your district may choose to incorporate some of these ideas in their proposal or they might draft their own content. Click on the files to access our Class Proposal and Super Reader Study Guide.

Sign up for the Total Session Package @$150 and receive a copy of Every Child A Super Reader.

Copy of Every Child A Super Reader for registrants who attend both Saturday workshops.

As an attendee, you have the following options:

Total Amount for Both Workshops: $150. Referred to as Total Session Package

or join us for an individual workshop.

No refunds will be issued.

Dublin Grizzell Middle School
8705 Avery Road
Dublin,OH 43017
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