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New London Elementary Pepperoni Roll Sale Nov/December

                                      Pepperoni Roll Fundraiser!


That’s A Wrap & Pizza Cafe


Pepperoni Rolls are prepared with dough made fresh daily and filled with only the finest ingredients.


Pepperoni Rolls are approximately 7 inches long

Rolls are each individually wrapped in Foil and packaged 13 rolls per box.


Price: Half a dozen rolls- $12.00

           1 case of rolls (13 rolls)- $26.00


You may purchase up to 12 individual rolls. There is no limit on the number of cases!


Pepperoni rolls will be available for purchase November 6th- November 28th.

Delivery of rolls will be on December 12th

New London Elementary School
1 Wildcat Drive
New London,OH 44851
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Nov 28