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AHS Drama Club & Thespian Troupe 3229 Presents Singin' in the Rain

Performance Dates and Times: 

Friday, March 16th 7pm 

Saturday, March 17th @ 7pm 

Sunday, March 18th @ 2pm

Online Ticket Prices:                                        At the Door Ticket Prices:

$8.00 - Child/Student/Senior Citizen              $10.00 - Child/Student/Senior Citizen   
$10.00 - Adult                                                    $12.00 - Adult


Now adapted for the stage, Singin' in the Rain “pours” down delight, capturing the waning days of the silent screen era as they give way to new-fangled “talkies.” With The Jazz Singer premiere making Hollywood frantic, the studios are forced to suddenly change all the movie-making rules at once, to accommodate sound. In doing so, they leave silent pictures -- and some of their stars -- behind. When Monumental Studios turns silent The Dueling Cavalier into The Dancing Cavalier, a musical picture, staring Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, in order to stay relevant, they are faced with a problem: their star, Lina Lamont can’t sing, and can’t even really talk. Lina’s voice sounds something like nails on a chalkboard. Enter Kathy Selden, an aspiring actress whose dulcet tones are able to cover Lina Lamont’s -- calling into question what it means to act, how credit is distributed, and what it means to get a fair shake in the movie business. Singin' in the Rain includes some of the best-loved comedy routines, dance numbers, and love songs ever written, including “Good Mornin’,” “Make ‘em Laugh,” and - of course - the show-stopping dance number, “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Avon High School Auditorium
37545 Detroit Road
Avon,OH 44011
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Mar 16
Mar 17
Mar 18