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Local Level

Ontario Local Schools - Chromebook Insurance

The Chromebook device your child receives is the property of Ontario Local Schools.

All students are insured for on-campus use. The annual insurance premium for off-campus coverage is $25.00 per student. A deductible applies to all repairs, whether the damage occurs on-campus or off-campus.

Losses Ontario WILL cover under this agreement:

  • Accidental physical damage

  • Accidental power surge

  • Warranty work or repairs

Losses Ontario will NOT cover (the parent/guardian will pay for the repair and/or replacement of the device, whichever is less):

  • Theft, burglary, robbery

  • Accidentally losing the device

  • Intentional loss or damage or loss or damage due to negligence

  • Illegal use or fraud

  • Dishonest acts including selling the device

  • Water damage, corrosion and rust or damage due to changes in humidity or temperature

  • Cosmetic damage to the physical appearance that does not hinder the normal operation

  • Insect or animal damage

  • Loss of files

  • Any other use the school district deems inappropriate

A deductible of $25 for first repair incident and $35 for each additional incident, not to exceed actual repair amount, will be billed to the student’s family. Any decisions relating to a claim will be made by the building principal.  If a parent disputes the principal’s decision, the parent may contact the Superintendent.  The decision of the Superintendent is final.

The school district has the right to collect any unpaid repairs or the cost of replacement of a device through any legal channels or to add the cost to the student’s fee account.

This agreement will not provide coverage if you mislead, willfully conceal information, or attempt to defraud the district regarding any information relating to a claim. If at anytime the student's enrollment in Ontario Schools is terminated the Chromebook must be returned immediately.


Additional Info/Documentation

Ontario Schools Chromebook Insurnace and COPPA Terms