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Willow River Music Lessons - Payments Only

Private lessons: voice

Are you interested in gaining confidence with your singing voice? Would you like to expand your vocal range and explore a variety of musical styles? Private lessons are a very good place to start.

Private lessons: flute

Learn how to improve your tone, endurance, and musical ability, while engaging the creative thought process. Lessons can empower you to discover the beauty of your instrument while you gain confidence and master new musical repertoire.

Private lessons: beginning piano

Introduction to piano will provide familiarity of the instrument through songs that encourage learning notes, mastering hand techniques, and providing opportunities to advance through increasingly challenging music.


Barbara Anthony holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Bethel University, and studied piano, flute performance and vocal performance. She has been teaching private lessons for many years, and has performed with community choirs, bands and orchestras throughout the years. She understands that music is a magical world and that gaining musical knowledge can positively impact all areas of life. She encourages hard work, but she also believes in enjoying the learning process.

Lesson times:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after school. Contact Mrs. Anthony for lesson availability.

Cost: $20 per lesson

ISD 577 Willow River School
8142 Pine Street
Willow River,MN 55795
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