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Avon Middle School Drama Club Fee 2019

The AMS Drama Club strives to build verbal and nonverbal communication skills, increase social awareness and interactions, strengthen problem-solving abilities, and foster a love of and appreciation for drama and theater production. 

The purpose of the club is:

-  To foster a passion for theater by exposing students to performance, play writing, stagecraft, and other facets of drama,

-  To educate and encourage members to continue participating in drama and theater endeavors while stretching their talents both on stage and behind-the-stage,

-  To provide opportunities for members that include (but are not limited to) drama workshops, choreography, visiting a theatre rehearsal and/or production, improvisation, script-writing, and one-act plays. When available, local theatre opportunities will be announced to members in order to encourage their involvement in other venues.

-  To inform members of local theater opportunities in other venues.

-  To act as a feeder to the AHS Drama Club.

AMS students interested in participating in Drama Club must submit this APPLICATION FORM along with the attached Teacher Reference Form. 

Further, applicants are expected to attend scheduled meetings and maintain a work ethic and a cooperative attitude to continue in the program. The Drama Club advisor(s) reserve the full right and final authority on selecting participants based upon submitted applications and recommendations. Drama Club sessions will be for one semester (two sessions per year). A participation fee for workshops / activities will be collected at the beginning of each semester series. Students can apply for either of the two series per school year. Fee is $40.00 per student per series.

Each student interested in participating must submit a TEACHER REFERENCE FORM along with the Application Form. It is expected that Drama Club students demonstrate the following:

-              excellent academic standing and performance

-              exemplary conduct and attitude in school

-              exceptional and positive work ethic

-              ability to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate with others

Three teacher recommendations of classes you have had this school year are needed to be considered for this program.

Please download the form on the right and return

Avon Middle School
3445 Long Road
Avon,OH 44011
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Additional Info/Documentation

Download Teacher Recommendation Form HERE!


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