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Dominion MS The Little Mermaid Jr. Personal Program Ads and T-Shirts

What is a Personal Ad?

    Personal ads can be put in the program with a message and photo of congratulations to your favorite cast or crew member. This type of ad is larger than a line ad, and the amount of space depends on the cost: $15 - 1/4 page, $30 - 1/2 page, & $60 - Full page. In the past parents have put in fun pictures of their kids when they were younger, etc. 

What is a Line Ad?

A Line ad, or "Shout Out" are for family and friends to send messages of luck and congratulations. All ads are $1 per word. So if you want a twenty-word ad, that would be $20.

$10    Ten word ad example: “Ella, we’re so proud of you!  Love, Your Mom & Dad”.

$5      Five word ad example: “We love our Blow fish!”

$2      Two word ad example: “Sam rocks!” 

*All ads/photos can be emailed to or uploaded here.

Purchase your very own Little Mermaid Jr. T-Shirt!

        T-shirts are on sale for $10 each. Crew or Cast Shirt Option -Size options are S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X.

Purchase your very own Little Mermaid Jr. DVD- $10.00


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