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Croton-Harmon- NYSSMA String Levels 1-4 Registration Form 2019

NYSSMA String Levels 1-4 Registration Form

Dates: (You are not guaranteed to get your requested date or time!)  Auditions will be held at the Yorktown High School.


Friday, March 22, 2019        




Saturday, March 23, 2019


10:30AM-12 PM



No preference (Friday or Saturday any time)


 Level 1-4  $16


Please complete one registration per student. If your child is being evaluated on more than one solo, please fill out two registrations and submit them together. 

All registrations must be completed no later than February 15; no exceptions! 

* Parents are responsible for attending any overnight events…i.e. NYSSMA events with their children as the chaperone(s) should they qualify to participate and they must bear all costs.

**Please check with your music teacher to verify your piece is in the NYSSMA manual.  One original copy is required.  However, two original copies are suggested.

Yorktown High School
2727 Crompond Road
Yorktown,NY 10598
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