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Green Oaks Performing Arts-Nebraska Field Trip

This school year, to help expand learning outside of our sanctuary walls, Mrs. Anderson's English class implemented a classroom pen pal project.  We were  blessed to connect with Mrs. Kauffman's English class all the way from Gering, Nebraska!

Once a month, we exchange a shoebox containing items that represent our pride and love for our hometown, our state, our school, our classroom, and our studies.  We've shared letters and kind words.  We've shared friendship and love.  Now, we want to share our smiles, hugs, laughs, and memories with our newfound and loved Nebraska friends with a trip to meet them in person!

For many of my kids, this will be the first time they have traveled outside of state lines, even outside of our city.  This trip would bring to life the hard work in countess days of research, exploring, learning, and discussing of our Nebraska friends and their beautiful town and state.  It would bring to life the faces we have come to know and love and look forward to hear from each month.  It would bring to life the reality of what hard work and being a G.I.A.N.T is all about.

We plan to travel 16 hours by charter bus, stay two nights in the beautiful town of Gering so we can visit our friends at Gering Junior High to learn the ways of being a Bulldog, as well as eat all of the corn and potatoes we can to become a true Nebraskan!

All funding for this will go directly to my kids and the fees to cover their seat on the bus, their hotel, and all of their meals for the three day trip to meet our incredible Nebraska friends!

Any and all donations are appreciated more than can be expressed.  Thank you for supporting my kids and their hard work!!

Gering Junior High School
800 Q St
Gering,NE 69341
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May 01