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Forest Hills Summer School 2019 - Biology - Credit Recovery

Biology  (Credit Recovery)  

Grade Level: 9

Course Credit: 0.5 credit

Description: This course is a survey course in biology for freshmen. Students will focus on several areas of biology including the cell and its functions, biochemistry, genetics, ecology, weather and current events in biology.  In addition to class readings and discussions, students will participate in a variety of labs and other hands-on activities in order to gain knowledge of these subject areas.

Dates:  This class is only offered during the 1st Session

                  *   June 10-June 28  8 a.m.-12 p.m.



Cost:          Residents:  $180          Non-Residents:    $230

Location:   Nagel Middle School

Class size is limited.  Please register early as classes fill quickly.
 Sections without adequate enrollment may be cancelled.  No refunds
will be issued unless a class is cancelled by Forest Hills School District.

Nagel Middle School
1500 Nagel Road
Cincinnati,OH 45255
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Additional Info/Documentation

18-19 FHSD Course Guide