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Local Level

Laingsburg Middle School Band Cedar Point Trip

This trip is open to members of the 7th and 8th grade band who have been approved by Mr, Cousineau as eligible to attend based on their contribution to the band and past behavior. This trip is not a right, but a privilege. Deadline to register and pay is May 15. You may pay in two installments if you wish.

Date of Trip: May 28th, 2019, 5:30 am to 10:30 pm

Cost: $94 includes bus, park admission, all day drink wrist band and Cedar Point T-shirt.

Chaperones are needed. Parent chaperones pay the same price as students. The first parents to pay for the trip will be given a seat on the bus as seating is limited.

Departure : Middle School front parking lot. Be there by 5:30 AM for check in. The buses will leave at 6:00 AM, with or without you. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

To perform at Cedar Point, you will need to wear your Cedar Point T-Shirt. You can march in the pants or shorts that you want to wear for the day. Keep in mind, the school dress code and the weather.

You may pack some snacks for the ride there. We will NOT be stopping on the way down or the way back from The Point. We are using Dean Trailways as our bus line and there are restrooms on board each bus.

You may bring tapes or DVDs. Some of the buses offer one or the other. They must be approved (G/PG rated only) by your bus head chaperone.

Whichever bus you are assigned to will be the one that you stay on both ways. No changes without Mr. Vogl's approval. Dean Transportation requires a list of how many and the names of everyone riding each bus for safety and emergency reasons.

Meals : You are on your own. You may bring a sack lunch, or as many of the students do, you can bring some money to buy meals in the park; this is up to you.

Returning : Approximately 10:30 pm providing that everyone gets back to the bus on time for departure

Remember : Sunscreen, Cedar Point T-Shirt, Instrument (mouth pieces, reeds, drum sticks, etc) Music (but having the music memorized is preferred) Good attitude! Lets have a great time on America's Roller Coast, Cedar Point!

Cedar Point