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North Ridgeville Schools Gr 3 Trolley Tour $3

Third graders will be taking a guided tour throughout North Ridgeville to learn more about the history and special qualities of their community. They will receive a tour of the Old Towne Museum, the One Room Schoolhouse on Jaycox Road, and the Riddell Factory. As part of their Social Studies curriculum, each student has been learning about the growth and changes that have taken place in their community over time. This tour helps your child identify some of the important landmarks, economic and geographical changes, and discover some of North Ridgeville's wonderful history. They come away from the trip with a bit more pride in the city that they all call home.  

Students will eat lunch at school and will have access to the cafeteria if they choose a school lunch.

The cost of the field trip is only $3.00 thanks to the generous support by the NRAC PTO. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

DATE: May 28, 2019 OR May 30, 2019 (depending on their homeroom)


North Ridgeville,OH 44039
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May 30