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Warhawk Black and Silver Club Fundraising

Greetings from Westerville Central High School!  Things continue to progress positively within our school, and we are doing everything we can to provide the best possible educational and athletic opportunities for our students.

A continuous goal of ours is to support, encourage and accommodate Westerville Central student athletes with the means needed to graduate with success and move on to their next adventures with a quality foundation for a rewarding future. In doing this, we need to provide the financial resources for the leadership, facilities, services and support staff necessary to enrich the athletic, academic and social experience for current and future Westerville Central students and their families, and keep the Warhawk community as strong as ever moving forward.

You are all a part of our wonderful traditions for Central student athletes.  Your commitment to the school, athletics, and our staff was the driving force that helped make our school what it is today.  We hope that you will consider helping the current and next generation of Warhawks to continue the high standards established.

Please help us in this worthwhile fundraising endeavor to advance our teams to the forefront of the Ohio Capital Conference and to be one of the premier programs in the state of Ohio. Your gift is tax deductible and any amount is greatly appreciated.

Your place in the Warhawk Black and Silver Club will be established by joining one of the following teams:

Hall of Fame - $2500 and above

Warhawk Legend - $1500

All State - $1000

All Conference - $500

Black and Silver - $100

Friend of Central High - $50

Young Alumni (last 5 graduating classes) - $25

Westerville Central High School
7118 Mount Royal Ave
Westerville,OH 43082
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