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2019-20 Student Parking Passes

2019-20 Student Parking Passes

Students. Use this form to register and pay for your 2019-2020 school year parking pass.


You will need Vehicle information, License Plate number, and your Driver’s License number to complete your registration.


If you are planning to pay by check or cash, go back to the website and follow the directions about the form and the available hours to purchase.


Parking passes can be picked up at schedule/laptop distribution this summer.

If you are purchasing during the school year, you can pick up your tag during school hours after payment has been processed.

Please note: 

Parking permit payments will be forfeited if parking privileges are suspended or revoked. 

Lake High School reserves the right to adjust or change the assigned and available parking areas.

Lake Local High School
709 Market Ave. SW
Uniontown,OH 44685
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Oct 18