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2019-20 School Year - 1:1@AHS - Refundable Deposit

You need give your $45 refundable deposit before you get your Chromebook as part of the 1:1@AHS Program.

Bring your receipt!  You will not be able to get your Chromebook without it.

This deposit is refundable upon a student's AHS graduation or transfer from UFRSD once her/his Chromebook is returned without ever having needed it repaired.  It covers up-to two breakages within one school year.  This deposit will need to be made again at the beginning of the next school year if any repair is needed because of accidental damage.  Also, another deposit will be required if a second repair is required within a single school year.  
Allentown High School
27 High Street
Allentown,NJ 08501
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