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Avon High School Parking Passes 2019-2020

All students who drive to school must have a parking permit and are assigned to a specific parking space.  Only students with a current driver’s license in-hand,  not a temporary license, may make a purchase. Proof of a driver’s license is required to pick up a parking pass.  

This year, the process takes two steps.  
First: Complete your online payment.
Second: Bring your electronic or printed copy of payment to AHS in exchange for your randomly assigned spot.   Proof of a driver’s license is required.

JVS students must have a permit to park on campus.

Each permit must be clearly displayed in the front window of the vehicle and students must park in their assigned spot. Failure to comply could result in a vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. 

Upon arrival to school students must immediately enter the building. Loitering in cars is not permissible. Students are not to go to the parking lot during the day unless they have permission from the office. 

Parking privileges may be revoked for the following reasons: 

Transporting unauthorized student(s) to or from school
  • Parking in any space not assigned
  • Reckless operation / violation of posted traffic signs
  • Entering the bus loading area before buses have departed
  • Using a vehicle to leave school without permission
  • Failure to obtain a parking permit
  • Continued tardiness or truancy to school
  • Loitering in cars or the parking lot, and
  • Any other misconduct as determined by the administration. The administration reserves the right in special situations to suspend parking privileges. The administration also reserves the right to search a student’s car if there exists reasonable suspicion

Parking Passes for the 2019-2020 school year are $15.00

Avon High School
37545 Detroit Road
Avon,OH 44011
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