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Avon Eagles N.E.S.T: Summer Camp Registration 2020

1/22/2020:  We are full on Camps 1,3, 4 & 5 and have very few spots left in Camp 2.  We will release a waiting list Friday, January 24th.

We are excited to announce that Avon Eagles NEST Summer Camps are returning this summer for our fourth year AND we have added some awesome camps!  Please see the Summer Camp descriptions (available for download) for details on camp themes and field trips.

Registration is required for EACH camp and student.  There is a registration fee that is attached for each camp that is unique to its related costs.  The remainder of the camp tuition for ALL camps is set at $350, with the exception of Camp 2 and Camp 3 that are shorter camps.  Camp tuition will be due 30 days prior to camp start date.  Details on payment for camp tuition will be sent out via e-mail to all registrants.

We try and keep our camps as a "package deal" and have minimal additional costs.  We also are NOT able to split the weeks.  For field trips, you may be asked to either send a lunch or money for students.  We also may ask for small fees for various events, but again they are always optional.

Camps are for students who have COMPLETED Kindergarten to 5th grade ONLY!  We are not licensed for preschool age children and the rigor of our camps is best suited for students who have completed Kindergarten.

Click on the DOWNLOAD button to the right to see Camp Descriptions and costs.

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Summer Camp Descriptions 2020