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PHS Summer School Physical Education 2020


Perrysburg High School would like to welcome all parents and students to its summer school program.  All interested students and their parents should read and become familiar with the following information before making the decision to enroll in the Perrysburg 5th Quarter Summer School Program.


Please check with your school counselor(s) prior to the end of the current school year to be certain you are enrolling in the proper course(s) that you will need for graduation.


COMMITMENT:  Enrolling in the Summer School Program at Perrysburg High School requires a commitment on the part of the students and parents.  This commitment involves the cost of the tuition and other materials, as well as the cost in time that it takes to ensure student promptness and attendance daily.  This may mean delaying or canceling vacation plans, altering student employment, or monitoring student transportation to and from school.

REGISTRATION:  Registration must be completed online through local level events and payment made at the time of the registration.  Note:  Enrollments are on a first come, first-served basis.  The deadline for registration is May 15, 2020.   Classes start May 27, 2020 and run through June 16, 2020.


FEE:  $160.00 (an additional $30.00 fee charged for any transaction returned as non-sufficient funds)


All fees must be paid in full on day of registration.  Registrations will only be processed when full payment is received.  Grades will not be completed/released until all fees and obligations are paid.


REFUND POLICY:  Students who notify the Summer School Coordinator of their desire to withdraw from a class may receive a partial refund in keeping with the following schedule:


            7 days or more prior to the start of class = refund all but $20.00 of registration fee

            6-3 days prior to the start of class = refund 50% of fees

            2 days or fewer prior to the start of class = refund 25% or less

            NO refund will be given once a class has met.

ATTENDANCE:  Students are expected to attend classes regularly.  Summer school course work is condensed to meet the state minimum requirement of 60 classroom hours in order to receive credit.  A maximum of 2 absences will be permitted with a parent/guardian note and these absences must be made up in order to receive high school credit.  Summer school make-up days will be available June 17, 2020 and June 18, 2020.  More than two absences will result in receiving no credit for the courseStudent must be present on June 17, 2020 and June 18, 2020 at regular scheduled class time in order for absences to be made up.


TARDINESS:  Students are expected to be on time to summer school.  Three (3) tardies will equal one absence.  In addition, if a student leaves and does not return for the remainder of the class, the time missed will equal the time that needs to be made up.

DRESS/APPEARANCE:  Dress and grooming for summer school students of PHS is an individual family matter as long as the common rules of health, safety, and decency are maintained.  Moreover, clothing that distracts from the daily educational process is not appropriate.  The dress code is in effect during the summer school day and appropriate clothing is expected.


1.    Shoes must be worn at all times.

2.    No hats/bandanas and “do-rags” may be worn in the building during summer school hours.

3.    Student’s dress/appearance including length, style, skin exposure, etc., should be appropriate for a high school educational setting.

4.    Clothing with offensive language/graphics and drug, alcohol and tobacco related items will not be permitted in any language

5.    Chains are not permitted as well as jewelry/accessories with spikes, points or sharp edges.

6.    No student shall be permitted to wear or display any clothing, jewelry, insignia or other item, which identifies a student as a member of a gang or otherwise symbolizes support of a gang.


Any student whose appearance is considered unhealthy, unsafe, unclean, disruptive or inappropriate shall be sent to Mr. Cotterman and asked to remedy the problem.  At the administrator’s discretion, students may be required to wear T-shirts inside out, issued a discipline action and/or contact parents to bring in appropriate clothing.  If parents are not available, students will be removed from the regular class setting until appropriate clothing is available.  This time will need to be made up.                                                  

DISCIPLINE:  All students will receive a copy of the Perrysburg High School Conduct Code and rules that relate to student behavior at the first meeting of each class they attend.  Cost limitations do not permit the hiring of a supervisor of an in-school suspension program for students who violate the rules.  As a result, students who break the rules will be released from the summer school program and will not receive scholastic credit or a refund.


PARKING/DRIVING PRIVILEGES:  Parking is available to all with a valid driver’s license.  Summer school students should park in the student parking lot located on the east side of the Perrysburg High School.  This lot is accessed via the traffic signal off Roachton Road.  Parking in areas not designated for student parking will result in disciplinary action, fines or towing at owner’s expense.  Reckless operation and noncompliance of traffic signs will not be tolerated on school property.  All licensed drivers must meet the following conditions to drive to summer school.

These conditions include:

-no attendance problems

-no discipline problems

-parks in student parking lot


Parking/driving privileges may be denied to any student who violates the parking/driving rules.


GRADING: Students must check with his/her school counselor upon return to school for credit and grade received.  Students will have their grade placed on their transcript as well.  Any student who signed up for P.E. for the upcoming school year and then took the summer course instead will need to see their counselor prior to school starting so they may sign up for another class.


GRADE POLICY:  Perrysburg High School is on a modified 4.0 grading system.  The 4.0 scales were modified to accommodate 5.0 honors classes.  Grades are reported to school counselors using a letter grade derived from the percentage scale below.  Teachers may use a variety of methods to arrive at their evaluation of a student’s performance in the classroom.  The following percentages will be used to determine grades:


            A          96-100                         C         74-77

A-         92-95                           C-        70-73

B+       89-91                           D+       67-69

B          86-88                           D         64-66

B-        82-85                           D-        61-63

C+       78-81                           F          Below 61


GRADE POINT AVERAGE:  The accumulative GPA is maintained for each student for grades 9-12.  The G.P.A. is updated each semester and is figured using the numeric value of the grade earned that semester on the modified 4.0 scale.  The numeric value (see below in parentheses) is multiplied by the credit to arrive at the quality points for each course.  The total quality points are divided by the total credits attempted to arrive at the G.P.A.  The value in parentheses is the value used for computing the G.P.A.


Grade Numeric Value


            A          (4.0)                             C         (2.0)

            A-        (3.7)                             C-        (1.7)    

            B+       (3.3)                             D+       (1.3)

            B          (3.0)                             D         (1.0)

            B-        (2.7)                             D-        (0.7)

            C+       (2.3)                             F          (0.0)    


Our intent is to have your son/daughter succeed in class this summer.  In order for this to occur, we need your full cooperation in seeing that your child adheres to the established policies of the summer school program.  The administration and staff thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Sam Cotterman, Summer School Coordinator

[email protected]         

Perrysburg High School Gymnasium
13385 Roachton Rd
Perrysburg,OH 43551
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May 27