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C.E. Byrd High School Application for 2020-2021 Parking Permit

Parking stickers will be available for pick up the first week of school in the bookkeeper’s office.

 Rules below will be followed by all student drivers entering, parking, or departing the student parking lots of Byrd High School.

 Student Parking:

1.      Only drivers who are students of Byrd and plan to attend classes on campus will be allowed to park in any of the designated student parking lots.  Vehicles and drivers entering the Byrd campus must be following all state/local laws, CPSB Policy &. Byrd Parking Regulations.

2.      All vehicles must have a valid Byrd Parking Decal affixed to their vehicle.

3.      Speed on campus (ALL LOCATIONS) shall not exceed 10 miles per hour.

4.      Drivers shall follow arrows for direction of travel entering and departing student parking lots.

5.      Cars shall park in marked spaces only.

6.      Upon parking, driver and all passengers will immediately unload and move off the parking lot to the building. 

7.      Students will not return to the vehicle or parking lot until the end of the school day or when properly checked-out with a pass from the office.

8.      Students placed on the debt list will have their parking privileges suspended until the debt is cleared. 

9.      Consult the Byrd Student Handbook online for a complete list of all applicable parking regulations.

Designated Student parking: (Purchasing a Byrd Parking Sticker does not guarantee you a parking space.  Carpooling is encouraged and required in some areas.)

1.      Gladstone Lot

a.      This lot includes all designated parking spaces in the area in front of and around the gym as well as the larger area near the corner of Line and Gladstone.

b.      This is a carpool lot and requires that each vehicle contain at least a driver and one passenger.

2.      Creswell Lot

a.      This lot contains all parking spaces on Creswell Ave.

b.      No passenger is required.

3.      Kings Hwy Lot (Purple Lot)

a.      Parking in the Purple Lot is reserved for those students that have purchased RESERVED parking places.


1.      Driver’s License (front and back)

2.      Proof of Vehicle Insurance

3.      Vehicle Registration

All vehicles using the Byrd High School campus are subject to search.  Search may include the passenger compartment, engine compartment and any and all containers locked or unlocked in or upon the automobile. Vehicles should be locked at all times.  Byrd High School/CPSB are not responsible for any items taken or stolen from any vehicle nor responsible for any damage incurred to vehicle while on campus.  If school starts with face to face instruction there will be no refunds.

Jerry Badgley, Principal

C.E. Byrd High School
3201 Line Avenue
Shreveport,LA 71104
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