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Local Level

How does managing events online work?

Local Level Events is great for any and all donation campaigns, membership drives, camps and other school events. This easy-to-use online ticketing platform lets you sell tickets, manage the event, track ticket sales and collect payments all from one online location. Anyone can use Local Level Events so set up your big game, school dance, concert, play, class trip, fundraiser or any other event today and start selling tickets!

How to create an event

  • Step 1: Create an Event

    Click the Create Event button from the top navigation.

  • Step 2: Create an account

    After you have clicked the ‘Create Event’ button you will be asked to create an account. This will allow us to store your events so that you may edit, publish, and view reports related to your event.

  • Step 3: Enter your event details

    The system will walk you through questions regarding your event.

  • Step 4: Preview and Publish

    You will be able to preview and edit the event before publishing to the public.

  • Step 5: Confirmation

    After you click the Submit button, you will get a confirmation page with a link to your account where your purchase/registration will be stored. You will also receive an email confirmation with a pdf attachment. You can print out your event tickets confirmation from either your account page or the email.


Free Events = Free

You are able to create an event online for free if there is no cost to attend the event.

Events that require money collection

Fee Amount Description
Credit Card Processing Fee 3% of ticket price Any merchant that accepts credit card payments incurs a credit card processing fee
Convenience Processing Fee 2.5% or $1.00 (per ticket) – whichever is higher This fee includes the use of the online custom event creator and ticket scanning/reporting services

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Local Level Events provide support for organizations and consumers?
Yes. Local Level has a phone helpline and a support email account. Support hours are 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST Monday - Friday. All concerns will be addressed within 24 hours.
(888) 991-6558

What happens if I need help creating an event on Local Level Events?
Local Level is here to support you as you create, promote and sell event registration and tickets. We are happy to assist you throughout the process.

What if a patron wants a refund?
Local Level will allow organizations to control refund policies. We are happy to assist you in creating a plan should a refund be requested.

Do we have control as to when our events publish, tickets go on sale and event registration opens?
Yes. Our system is designed to have organizations maintain control of sale and publish dates.

When and how will our organization be paid?
Your organization will be paid via check within 5 business days of event completion. Other arrangements are available. Contact us for more information.

What will happen if a consumer attempts to print multiple copies of a ticket and distributes to others?
This is considered an "unlawful" practice. Our scanning feature will prevent consumers from using a ticket more than once. Local Level advises you to include this warning in the fine print of your tickets and event registration.

Is there a limit to the number of custom fields we are able to include on our tickets and event registration?
Fields are unlimited and customizable to your organization’s specific needs and requests.

Am I able to allow multiple members of my organization access to reports, sales, registrations etc.?
Yes. Contact us to include additional organization members to your event account.