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Local Level


“Local Level has significantly improved our internal controls, efficiency and accountability over funds collected for District events. We highly recommend them!”

- Brian Wilson, Treasurer, Hilliard City Schools
- Anita Dalluge, Assistant Treasurer, Hilliard City Schools

“We first used Local Level for our freshman orientation program. It was seamless! We were able to easily communicate with our families about how to register for the event. Parents felt it was a convenient process and our secretaries love it! We are now using it for the purchase of our Homecoming dance tickets. We will always use this service!”

- Mindy Mordarski, Principal, Hilliard Bradley High School

“What they do has definitely made a difference to the theatre program at Darby High School. We no longer worry about our financial security or about issues with processing money. That alone has taken an enormous weight off our shoulders, allowing us to do what we SHOULD be doing—working with talented young people to create good theatre.”

- Brian Tonti, Theater Director, Hilliard Darby High School

“The Local Level website is safe and secure. Taking on-line payments significantly reduced the amount of cash and checks that our office handled. They provide detailed financial reports which allow us to balance our in-house and on-line sales.”

- Nick McIlwain, Athletic Director, Hilliard Darby High School

“Local Level’s website helped us increase our sales of athletic passes and reserved seats by 35%. It also eliminated the need to type up my own spreadsheet to track sales. Their on-line reports are great!””

- Brenda Ribble, Athletic Secretary, Hilliard Darby High School

“Local Level Events is an outstanding website service that can absolutely and totally simplify your collection of money or data for any and all of your school related events. I was completely astounded at the ease of use and the amount of time it saved from writing receipts and counting money!”

- Carla Karn, Secretary, Hilliard City Schools

““Local Level offers a turnkey system which was a tremendous time saver and allowed us to capture pertinent information for future marketing. Local Level assisted us in pulling off a large event professionally.”

- Christy Clark, Destination Hilliard