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GlenOak High School Parking Permit 2023-2024

Parking permits will go on sale on the schedule listed below. Students, please access the sale with your student ID number when asked for your access code. Sales will begin at 8:00 am each day: 

  • August 14,2023- Seniors 
  • August 15,2023- Juniors 
  • August 16,2023- Sophomores and Freshmen

Parking passes can be picked up on the first day of school during lunch.

The following rules will apply to all students driving to school and using the parking facilities:

  •  Abuse of the student driving regulations will result in the student NOT being permitted to drive to school.
  • All drivers shall obey the traffic laws of the State of Ohio and comply with the rules and regulations set forth by school officials.
  • Parking spaces have been numbered and will correspond with permit number. This entitles the student to park in the assigned space between 6:30 am and 3:05 pm when school is in session.
  • Driving is a privilege that is granted to students willing to abide by the driving contract. This privilege can be rescinded.
  • The school will not be held liable for damage to vehicles or stolen items.
  •  Students are required to park within the yellow lines with a valid parking permit.
  •  Student parking or idling is not permitted in Zones 1, 2, or 3. Students occupying their vehicles in these areas will lose their driving privileges.
  •  In all cases, a parking permit is required and can be purchased online.
        -A yearly parking permit is $50.00. 
        -Second Semester Parking permits will be issued January for $25.
    -The parking permit must be properly affixed to the rear-view mirror of your vehicle in order to be valid.
    -Failure to register a vehicle, parking on campus without a valid permit, and or parking in a non-assigned parking spot will result in the automatic purchase of a parking permit and assigned a space to the rear of Zone 5. Online paperwork must be submitted the following day or the parking pass will be revoked.
    -In the event a student does not have $50 to purchase a parking pass, it will be placed on the student’s fees account.
  • Reckless driving which includes but is not limited to speeding, cutting off drivers, failing to abide by the painted markings and or squealing tires will result in loss of parking privileges for up to one year. The student must turn their parking permit into their Academy Principal during the suspension of driving privilege time period. 
  •  If a student acquires a new vehicle, it will be necessary to transfer the permit to the new vehicle by notifying the secretary in the academy office.

Additional Rules:

  • Students are not permitted to eat, smoke, sit in or loiter around any vehicle on school grounds.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the parking lots in a vehicle for lunch.
  • Tardiness is considered an abuse of driving privileges. Prompt arrival to school is expected. Inclement weather, mechanical difficulty and traffic conditions are NOT excused tardies. Every fourth tardy to school will result in discipline that could include loss of the parking permit.
  • Vehicles or automobiles parked on school premises maybe subject to search based on reasonable suspicion.
  • Refusal by any of the parties to provide or allow access to vehicle at the time of a search request shall be cause for terminating the parking privilege without further hearing.


Student Parking Frequently Asked Questions:
How will spaces be issued? They will be issued on a first come, first serve basis beginning with Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores. 

Where can I access a map of the new parking lot spaces? A map of the parking lot can be found on the district site under Students>High School Resources>GlenOak Student Parking. A downloadable map and parking space grid can be accessed there.

Do my fees need to be paid in order to purchase a parking permit? Yes. Past school fees must be paid in order to purchase a parking permit.

What should I do if someone is parked in my assigned space? Park in Zone #5 and simply take a picture of the vehicle and be sure to include the license plate and your parking number and report the violation to the receptionist at Door #17. Our safety and security personnel will investigate and issue the appropriate consequences.

How should I enter Lot 4?
From Schneider: Remain on the driveway until you reach the path that separates Zone 4 and Zone 5 (2nd opening into Zone 4 lot). Please note the first opening to Zone 4 is now exit only.

From Easton: You are permitted to cross through Zone 5 to reach your parking space however you may choose to make a left upon entering the parking lot to enter the path that separates Zone 4 and Zone 5.


How should I exit both lots?
To Schneider: Students should head South towards the staff parking lot to exit Zone 4. Please note that you are only permitted to turn right.

To Easton: Head North through Zone 5 to access the exit road. Please watch your speed!

What is the speed limit? The speed limit is 10 mph.